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Using Booksphera as your new promotion platform will make it easier and more efficient then ever to get people to know your work, and you to get to know your readers:


  • One, centralized tool to manage and control all your social platforms

  • Direct interaction with readers

  • Easily design your book's world - create theme, background and add features as you like

  • Enjoy an ever-flowing stream of new potential readers to your pages


The friendliest way to meet your readers and get to know them, while exposing your book to many more. Design your own pages, create your own content and easily share it with across the web!


Get all the information, original content by the author and reviews about your favorite books, while getting the best recommendations for your next read!

Who am I ?

Creating the place where authors meet readers

Booksphera is a content-based communication tool for authors, the place to share and interact with the readers of your book.


Booksphera is about building communities around stories. It brings together people with common areas of interests, and allows them to share their reading experience with each other and with the author.

What if you could walk into a book and meet the author inside?


It is finally possible to form communities around your favorite books and get the best suggestions from your friends:


  • Have a direct communication line to your favorite authors

  • Get all the exclusive extras about the books you like

  • Endless offers for new books to read, based on your preference

  • Be the first to get to know new books coming out and tell your friends

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Congrats! Welcome to the infinite world of books. We will let you know as soon as Booksphera is ready !!!!

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